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help with luxury rooms

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  • help with luxury rooms

    why cant i put certain models in them? i mean some models will go in them but other wont work? am i missing something

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    Hello starbrite,

    you can only put models in apartments, that have the same or a higer level than the model.
    So e.g. a level 4 model can be put in a level 4 or 5 apartment, but not in an aparment with the level1, 2 or 3.

    Best regards


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      The level of the model can't be lower than the level of the appartment. For example you can't put a level 5 model in a level 2 appartment. Try fully upgrading the appartment befor putting certain models in it. Though you can put level 6 models in level 5 appartments because level 5 is the maximum for an appartment and 6 is the maximum for a model.


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        Well it could be, that there is a bug. Because i had a Model with Level 5 and i could put in in a room with Level 4. Before this the Model was in a room with Level 5. So it seems to be possible.