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Model Appearing Order

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  • Model Appearing Order

    This might have been found by others or might be common sense to some, but it wasn't posted so I'll put it up.

    This is for people who want to change the order of models when using a production room. Like live chat, photo studio, etc.

    Main points.

    Rank(prestige) and level seem to have no affect on the order of models.

    The order is read by the room a model is staying in. Starting with the lowest floor going upwards.

    3 - - - 4
    2 - - - 5
    1 - - - 6

    It maintains this order on every floor following the earliest.

    I personally keep all girls on a floor with only other girls. I later moved all girls to floor 10 and above.

    So this means that on floor 10, the girl in position 1 will appear at the top of list on the first page of any and all production rooms. (for me)

    The menu I speak of is the one that is seen when clicking the "Start Production" button. The one that looks like a film clapperboard/slate board.

    The menu will order the girls as follows:

    page 1

    page 2

    page etc:

    Notes and other thoughts:

    Moving a room:
    To move a room, in this case an apartment, one must wait for it to initially build, then a pink move room button will appear in the bottom left of the room menu. Right above the pink trash can for deleting the room. When moving one must target an empty room space. It cannot be another room. So unfortunately, easy swapping is currently impossible. So, one must create an empty space before re-ordering multiple rooms on a full floor.

    To cancel a move order once it's been selected (the room will have a blue border) the user will have to go back to the room in question and open its menu. There the move button will be replaced with a red X in a gray circle with a gold border. Clicking on another room won't automatically cancel the movement order. If I'm in the process of moving room A and I open room B's menu, the menu for room B won't have a movement button at all, it will be gone until the movement command for room A has been resolved.

    Refreshing order:
    the order of models won't change until you've reloaded the game/web page. So don't think just because you've changed the order and nothing happened yet means it didn't work, reload and it'll change the order when the game loads.

    Other menus:
    This ordering has no affect on the model overview, because that menu always uses alphabetical sorting by default. And it has it's own sorting tabs, so it's a moot point.

    This also seems to have no affect on event ordering. The event order seems to be alphabetical, but without any additional sorting options (that I've found thus far)

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    Nice one shiroseigi, great work! This post could move straight into the manual - if there only would be one - without any change!

    Would you mind if someone would translate it to german and post it within the german section?


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      Of course, feel free.

      Information should be available for everyone.


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        Thank you, this thread help me a lot