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  • New ideas - suggestionseo"


    I just want to let you know what ideas I had when playing this game. It does not feel very chalenging - it is just time intensive to gain this. So I would suggest something like that:

    - Adding consumeable supplies like condoms, lubricat, make-up. Without these things it should not be possible to produce new videos or fotos or chats.
    - Every room should have some kind of "energy" and dependent how often you are using it it is getting more dirty and in the end you need to have someone who cleansup the room. This will cost some cash. Without a clean room it is not possible to produce films, fotos, ... or at least you only earn less money. cleaning the room will cost money, too.
    - Adding a salery for all actors and technicians. Without gtetting their salery they will produce less valueable films
    - Mini-Games - so youself as "manager" of this company should be able to work as actor or technican. There should be also be a talent treef for your "own" character.
    - Actors and technicans should get ill when they are working to hard and if they do not have to much time to relax. When they are ill they cannot work and it will take some time (perhaps up to 48h) until they could come back to work
    - When you do fotos and videos than you should be able to not sell some of these fotos and put these fotos, videos into the trophey room and watch them.
    - There should be some more (1-2) animations for every actor so not every actress looks the same.
    - Mini-Games - mentioned somewhere else in the forum - would be interesting. This could be combined when being themself the photograph and your mission is to make 10 photos and you can tell the girl how to move and in the end there should be a little gift or a little different value for the product.
    - Possibility to add a Nickname to every model or set a "flag" for one of the talents and then it should be possible to only view/list all actors with flag "chat" or flag "video". I for myself have special girls which only do chatting, others only do video and so on. Filtering these actors would be a great help when having many models.
    - Possibility to have an overview over all the technicans like with the firls - further the technicans should be able to increase their talents
    - Talents should not be selectable bei the player or at least not all talent points. Every model should increase their talents on the part they worked most on. So when a girl works many times as foto model she should automatically skill on photo. If she is working on video then she shoul perhaps skill 1 point on video and the other two points can be skilled by the player.

    Kind regards!

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