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Please give the premium apartments some functionality

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  • Please give the premium apartments some functionality

    After playing this game a for a bit and having some fun with it i've come across one thing that just annoys me beyond belief which is Premium Apartments.
    After figuring out they do absolutely nothing beside take twice as long to get to lvl 3 as a default apartment and take twice as long to upgrade for literally only the titel calling it premium. I have come to ignore they exist. With ofcourse the occasional quest requiring me build one every now and then.
    Then i get one quest to upgrade 6 of em to lvl 5 and that's when i draw the line of ignoring them.

    For the sake of continuity either remove premium apartments from quests all together or give them something that sets it apart heck even if it was different room gfx or something. Every time i come accross something that has to do with these apartments i loose the feeling of progressing and get the idea someone put a ball and chain on my leg for a period like the getting the "go to jail" action in monopoly.

    Stuff like this really breaks the game play experience (at least for me it does).

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    I agree. I was spending 100 lulus to get them and they are no better than the plain old apartments.


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      I haven't tried them yet


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        There is a difference between the two types of apartments. The girls who live in a luxus apartment get twotimes of experience by every job as they live in the normal apartment with the same level.