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Theme Pack Girls

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  • Theme Pack Girls

    How many "premium" girls have there been and will I be able to get the ones I missed? Like the Easter pack was up when I started but I didn't buy it right away, now it is gone :-(

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    Well, based on screenshots and news you could see on front page, Eva was part of "XXX-mass Pack", Nina was in "Happy New Year Pack", Betty in "Bunny Pack", Patricia in "St. Patrick's Day", Luciana in "Carneval do Rio" and Antonella in "Apres Ski". With exception of Luciana and Betty all the others are available in game right now. So girls from packs that came after that [Kendra, Isabel, Libby] might also became available in game at some point [if they are not already].

    But it would be nice to know what packs were available in the past and which girls came with them...
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      Excellent info Ripe, much appreciated.

      That is what I was looking for, to find out who was in previous packs and if they had become the "special" girls


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