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The support is now reachable again

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  • The support is now reachable again

    Hello dear community,

    there were some changes at Lula Online in the past weeks and sadly the support has suffered from it.
    From now on the support will be reachable again and also be active in the forum.

    We are going over the support requests bit by bit and will be on hand with help and advice.

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    Hi Admin,
    I just started three months ago & now i m fan of this daily online sexy empire tycoon game. Please make it new version of this game, adding with new platform like dress designer room, make up room & crew member room with bar to boost them. In new feature can see multiple angle & 3D view of model, crew member & room. User can have selection of multiple logo editable to use as own studio with new online rating of all user. And each room can accessible full page with adding decorating & luxurious thing to rating top for all room.The Ground level should only for reception with trophy house. And last1st floor new Penthouse should be introduce with bar & strip pole bar, so can user relaxing by with strip show with our models (rejuvenating for all)....!

    I would like to see whole new porn tycoon

    Best & Kind Regards.